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Common Names: Russian Ratsnake, Amur Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Elaphe schrencki
First Described: STRAUCH, 1873

Adult Size: 140-180cm
Temperament: Docile & inquisitive
Temperature & Humidity Range:  Provide a thermal gradient between 25°C (77°F) - 21°C(70°F) with a hot spot of 28°C (82°F). A large water bowl and a humid hide should be part of the cages furnishing
Brumation:  47-54°F (8-12°C) for 3-4 months
Reproduction:  Between 6 and 30 eggs are laid per clutch hatching from 35 to 60 days at an incubation temperature of between 25-29°C
Known Mutations: Melanistic, Striped, Anerythristic
The first Melanistic Russian Ratsnakes go back approx 25 years, these were in the collection of a  Polish Zoo in Płock.  A breeder from Warsaw acquired some of their stock some 20 years back and has been working with them ever since. He bred his animals to normal looking E. schrencki  making heterozygote animals. Some of these were sold, the guy who brought them bred them together producing some Melanistic in the clutch, proving it to be a simple recessive genetic trait.
It is not known if the Striped trait is genetic, but several specimens exhibiting various amounts of striping have been known.
Captive Bred Localities:
Natural History:  Also called the 'Manchurian Watersnake' as the name suggests, this species inhabits fairly moist biotopes. Forest clearings, scrub, farmland, hiding amongst cavities in trees, piles of stone or wood, and when threatened can flee up a tree or into the water. E. schrencki has been noted up to 6m high in trees. This species lives in regions with altitudes up to 2000m. In the wild the diet of Elaphe schrencki includes, Rats, Mice, Birds including their Eggs and Bats.
Native To: China, Korea, Russia, Mongolia.

Map showing the distribution of Elaphe schrencki ( Russian Ratsnake ) in the wild.
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SCHULZ, Klaus Dieter, 1996. A monograph of the Colubrid Snakes of the genus Elaphe Fitzinger.

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 200-236
Subcaudals: 55-78
Dorsals: 21-23
  • Anerythristic
  • Author: AC Snakes
  • Melanistic Russian Ratsnake
  • Author: Kaja Choczaj
  • Russian Ratsnake
  • Author: Dave Royans
  • Anerythristic
  • Author: AC Snakes
  • Russian Ratsnake
  • Author: Dave Royans
  • Russian Ratsnake
  • Author: AC Snakes
  • Striped
  • Author: Roger Butler
  • Russian Ratsnake
  • Author: Dirk Warnecke

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed
China Species Red List: Vulnerable VU A2a

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